wondering about God?

Wondering About God?

If God exists why does He allow so much pain and suffering on earth? Especially when it's in His power to alter or stop it.

This question is one asked by many people and the answers they receive are not always as clear as they would like.

To begin, we first must understand that pain and suffering are not caused by God. God is love. The Bible says His mercy endures from generation to generation. He is kind and compassionate, not evil or vindictive.
His will and desire for every human being is positive and just. At no time in history has God ever unjustly or maliciously inflicted pain and/or suffering on anyone.

Second, pain and suffering are the consequences of our own decisions. According to God's Word (Genesis 1-3) through our representatives (Adam and Eve) you and I made a decision many centuries ago that we still are paying for. That's right, many centuries ago.
When God created man and woman (Adam and Eve) the Bible says He gave us specific instructions on how we were to live and please Him. The evil one (the devil) challenged God's message by telling Eve that God was not being honest with her and that through him (Satan) she and all other humans could receive enlightenment. Eve was decieved. Subsequently, she and Adam both choose to disobey God's Word and in doing so they exposed all of humanity to the "curse" that includes pain and suffering (cf. Genesis 3).

The pain and suffering we see today is an ongoing consequence of our perpetual disobedience to God.
Throughout Scripture we see God extending His hand to us for reconciliation.

The good news is even though we made a big mistake in rejecting God's plan for our lives, His grace, mercy, and compassion are still clearly seen and available to each and everyone of us today.

Despite our error God graciously offers us a way to escape the long term (eternal) ramifications of sin.
Through His Son (Jesus Christ)God offers every man, woman, boy, and girl on the face of the earth "new life".

Only by being "reborn" are we able to shake off the curse and consequence plagueing us as a result of Adam and Eve's sin (cf.John 3).

Pain and suffering will be with us until the Lord Returns for His followers. Like all people, we who have chosen the "new life" offered by God, are still subject to the curse placed on the earth in Genesis chapter 3. The good news and consolation we have is that according to God's Word one day soon He is going to establish a new heaven and earth where we can live eternally without ever experiencing or seeing anymore pain and/or suffering (cf. Revelation 20-22). God's plan of salvation includes the total eradication of evil in the lives of His followers. Heaven is promised to us and it is described as a place of awesome beauty and divine perfection. A place with no pain and/or suffering.

If you desire to go with Jesus when He comes for His followers, all you have to do is ask Him into your heart right now...this means you believe He is the Son of God and that He can take away your sins. Confess your sins to Him now and ask Him to save you. The Bible says in Romans 10:9 "...if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved."

If you have read this article and have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of you life, or you simply would like more information on the subject. Please contact us immediately through one of the many links and resources provided.

Remeber, pain and suffering are not inflicted on man by God. Pain and suffering are the direct results of disobedience to God's Word.[And] obedience is the cure.