Embracing Truth Ministries (ETM) is a non-denominational, Christ-centered fellowship located in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We specialize in the transformation and restoration of broken lives and communities.

Founded in 2011 Embracing Truth Ministries (ETM), began as an outreach ministry of the television broadcast, Embracing Truth, which aired in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area from 2006 to 2010. In 2009, while he was still pastoring the International City Community Church, (ICCC), Phila, PA., pastor Grier and nineteen others launched a new church plant in Downingtown, PA.
To finance and ease the fiscal burden of this new project pastor & First Lady Grier sold their home and relocated their family to Chester County. Upon arrival ETM merged with New Beginings Fellowship and met each Sunday at 455 Boot Road in the CCIU building in Downingtown, PA. Following the merger the ministries split into (2) separate ministries but still held services in the same building at 37 Lancaster Avenue in Downingtown, PA.
In the Spring of 2011 pastor Grier Ordained and turned the ETM (west) plant over to pastor Kendall Middleton who renamed the ministry Rock Word Church.

In the Fall of 2011 pastor Grier and his church planting team returned to Philadelphia and planted ETM (east). For several months services were held in the Embassy Suites Grand Ballroom on Bartram Avenue, Phila., PA and then at the Gateway Corporate Center on the corner of Bartram & Island avenues.In 2012 ETM (east) moved to 525 N. 53rd street and held services (for one year) in the old St. Philip's Lutheran Church sanctuary. 

In 2013 ETM acquired a 10,000 square foot grocery store at the corner of 52nd & Wyalusing. In (90) days the congregation and volunteer workers from the community transformed this storefront property into a respectable house of worship. For the next (4) years ETM used this site for the Lord's glory and the enrichment of the community. During a devastating flood the site was used by city council, state representatives, utility company executives and other civic organizations to bring resolution to the residents within the community regarding the problems and crisis caused by the flood. Finally, during those years at 52nd street ETM launched an aggressive building fund campaign entitled, "Moving To Higher Ground Together" in an effort to acquire a newer and better facility that would honor God and the sacrificial efforts of the growing congregation. 

On Sunday, October 1, 2017, ETM made good on its efforts and moved into a recently restored edifice at 3135 West Montgomery Avenue located in the Strawberry Mansion section of the city. 

In February 2018 ETM (west) re-opened in Chester County, PA. Services are held at the Thorndale Firehouse each Sunday at 11:00 am. Additional days and times will be posted in the "Upcoming Events" and/or ETM West section of our Home page.

On March 15, 2020 ETM acquired its most recent meeting place at 3500 Spring Garden street in the Powellton Village section of west Philadelphia. The community is an eclectic blend of culture, rich in tradition and filled with students from nearby Drexel University. The 5,300 square foot sanctuary is a good fit for our congregation and neighbors.. 
If you're looking for a church that still preaches & teaches God's Word without fear or compromise. If you're frustrated with watered downed sermons laced with new age sentimentalism and unbiblical promises of  prosperity and self aggrandizement -and you simply want to hear the good news of the Gospel-  then join us each Sunday at the corner of 35th & Spring Garden streets. Sunday school: 10AM; Morning Worship: 11:15 and periodic afternoon services TBA.
Come out and experience the warm fellowship and the life-transforming power of God's Word as taught and preached by our capable staff.
For additional information or if you need transportation to our facility for any scheduled ministry activity you can call 215.909.1388.
Expanding God's Kingdom Through Evangelism, Education and Edification.
We believe our mission is to actively evangelize our world with the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We also believe our mission includes the ongoing education of God's children equipping us to adequately share our faith with non believers. Finally, we believe our mission also includes the edification of the body of Christ. 
At ETM we also are...Accurately teaching God's Word, Actively making disciples -and Anxiously awaiting our Lord's Return. 
Our goals include the establishment of multiple, Christ centered ministries where all people can come to experience the life-transforming power of God's love. Ministries where believers are encouraged, educated, empowered, and equipped for the Lord's service.    
Embracing Truth Ministries is a transformative entity with a proven track record of restoring both broken lives and blighted communities. Every location we've occupied since 1990 has been used to make disciples and improve the overall quality of life for its residents and guest.  Over the past (30) years we have also used our gifts to assist in the enrichment and empowerment of our neighborhoods by renovating, updating and/or transforming blighted properties into respectable and inviting places of worship, houses and business.
*3017 Island Ave. - In 1990 we transformed a prostethic laboratory into a church that provided a place of worship for several ministries over a span of 25 years.
*6301 Elmwood Ave. - In 1993 we renovated and occupied a run-downed, traditional edifice (we purchased from the Lutheran Synod) and transformed it into a bustling daycare center, communiuty hub and beautiful house of worship.
*2552 Millick St. - In 1995 we acquired and leased a single-family home within our community for low income tenants (members).
*6300 Reedland St. - In 2002 we purchased, renovated and opened a community bookstore with an adjacent apartment for low income tenants.
*4001 N. 9th St. - In 2006 we purchased, renovated and occupied an old, abandoned church used by drug addicts and the homeless and transformed it into a beautiful house of worship that's still being used for the Lord's glory.
*3751 Island Ave. - In 2011 we acquired and renovated a 3rd floor suite (once occupied by the U.S. Navy) into a 3800 sq ft. ministry and worship center.
*544 N. 52nd St. - In 2013 we acquired, gutted, renovated and transformed an old, 10,000 plus sq. ft, abandoned grocery store into a beautiful and respectable house of God (see pics on 90 Day Transformation page).

The International City Community Church (ICCC) was established as a non-denominational, evangelical, fellowship located in the heart of southwest Philadelphia. Founded in 1988, ICCC was officially incorporated in 1990 by its visionary Dr. William T. Grier, Jr. and a hand full of faithful followers who believed in the promise and providence of God's Word.The concept for planting ICCC began as a collaborative effort between Dr. Grier and the North American Baptist Conference (NABC), Oakbrook Terrace, IL. while Dr. Grier was still serving as the founder and senior pastor of the New Life in Christ Fellowship, Coatesville, PA.
With modest beginnings as a Bible-study (in a private home on Aldan avenue, near 57th and Elmwood Ave.) ICCC was born. A year later ICCC moved to 63rd street and Lancaster avenue (in a student exchange building), then to 71st and Paschall, then to 70th and Buist avenue, and then to 3017 Island avenue before purchasing its' current home, a beautiful, historically registered, stone edifice at the corner of 63rd and Elmwood avenues. Under Dr. Grier's leadership and training (at both NLCF and ICCC) many young pastors and teachers have responded to the Lord's calling by planting churches and/or assuming leadership roles in other churches and para church ministries throughout the US.
     In the summer of 1996 reverend Gary O'Neal Grier, Sr. was dully elected as the under-shepherd and new spiritual leader of ICCC. In February of 1997 he was officially installed as the new pastor. Each week he led his small group of people into the streets of southwest Philadelphia to evangelize and make disciples. The Lord graciously blessed his efforts and has used him to transform this once fledgling ministry into a vibrant and healthy Christian stronghold. During pastor Gary Grier's tenure ICCC grew both spiritually and numerically reaching its peak at over 600 members in 2008.
     After faithfully serving at the International City Community Church for 20 years pastor Grier resigned in 2010 and now serves exclusively as the pastor of Embracing Truth Ministries.

The Greater Lighthouse Community Church, (GLCC) was established as a subsidiary ministry and church plant of the Int'l City Community Church. GLCC was established and incorporated in 2002 in north Philadelphia, PA by pastor Gary O. Grier, Sr. in a collaborative initiative between the North American Baptist Conference and the Int'l City Community Church. In late 2004 GLCC closed her doors and reopened them in 2006 just before moving to a store-front location in west Philadelphia under the pastorate of Min. Marvin McFarland. In 2009, GLCC was pastored by Min. Kendall Middleton until it dissolved one year later. Today, GLCC is slated to reopen in 2013 with a new pastor and a new vision. If you would like more information on the dates, times, events, and schedules for this ministry please call: 1(267) 269-0169.
New Beginnings Fellowship (NBF).
New Beginnings Fellowship is one of two ministries planted by Dr. William T. Grier, Jr. in 2005. The first church was planted in Malvern, PA and the second in the Mt. Airy section of the city of Philadelphia. Pastors Anthony Brown and Russell Hughes are the pastors of these plants respectively.
After several years of operating on its own, on Sunday, September 13, 2009 the Int'l City Community Church and the New Beginnings Fellowship (Malvern) merged to form one church in the Chester County, PA. area. The Grand Opening Service was held on Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 4:00 PM at the Chester County Intermediate Unit, 455 Boot Road, Downingtown PA. and for the first year it was pastored by bishop Gary O. Grier, Sr.
Today, NBF is totally independent and a full-fledged member of the Atlantic Association of churches in the North American Baptist Conference. Every week NBF meets at 37 Lancaster Avenue (corner of route 30 and 322) in the city of Downingtown, PA 19335.
For more info on New Beginnings Fellowship please call: 1(610) 883-6822 or 1(610) 384-7419 and ask for pastor Anthony Brown.
Embracing Truth Ministries (west) was established and planted by Bishop Gary O. Grier, Sr. in 2010.
 Located in Downingtown, PA., Reverend Kendall Middleton was Ordained and initially assigned to ETM west in 2011 and changed the name to Rock Word Church. ETM west  has been re-opened as ETM west and is currently operating under its new name Living Word Ministries, and is pastored by Pastor James H. Pass. Information for service location and times can be obtained at (610) 470-5572.
Abounding Faith Christian Fellowship (AFCF), was established in 2013 by pastor Rahaim Bango in the Grey's Ferry section of  south Philadelphia. After a temporary closure AFCF merged with ETM until she reopened her doors on Sunday, November 3, 2019, at 300 Evesham Ave., East in Magnolia, New Jersey 08049. 
For more information on AFCF please call pastor Bango @ (267) 897-0489.
International Believer's Assembly (IBA), was planted by a son of ICCC to provide a place of worship for the thousands of immigrants coming to southwest Philadelphia by way of west Africa. On Sunday, October 7, 2012, @ 4PM, at 3751 Island Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19153, IBA celebrated its Grand Opening. (IBA is no longer an affiliate of ETM and has been closed until further notice). 
St. John's Baptist Church (SJBC), was an affiliate member of the Embracing Truth Ministries team and was pastored by the Reverend John Brown. SJBC is located in south Philadelphia, PA. and is no longer an affiliate member of ETM.
Information for SJBC can be obtained by calling pastor Brown @ 1(267) 586-8134.
Torn Curtain Ministries, (TCM), is an affiliate ministry and member of the Embracing Truth Ministries team. TCM is led by pastor I.M. Green and  located at: 1200 Engel Street in the city of Chester, PA. 19013. To contact him call: 302-220-1084.

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